First blog post

This is my very first post and I’m kind of very much happy to be the part of such a great platform from where peers to peers can share their unusual tragic and happening stuff and learn a lot from it. Feeling Glad 🙂

Marine Drive


Long distance love 

How can I write without being with you?
I am so far away. How passionate
 You are in your busy world, your life goes around hagi,teddy,mommy,Papa,another pal Anit how can I forget your cousins and your books reading hobby too ! How 
Far, how far away! I write worthless
 Words. Not a whit closer am I. 
It is the sigh of getting apart , far away.It is the wrong thing to say. I cannot
 be further according to you,I cannot get far. I am
 Away. What can your jaanu say?
Nothing that will bridge us together .
Nothing that will make things happen.
Words are always far, far away.

A special note to my sweetheart

“I’m still trying to figure it all out.””Figure what out?”

“Everything me,you,us,Global warming (isn’t it hot today sweetheart),and

Life itself.” I’m crying quietly.

“Trust me when your days are not doing good, you can’t possibly figure all that out by yourself.”

“Sweetheart you have over looked my point”

“You are just confused,I’m rolling up my eyes.”

“while you were yelling out on me -I wish if I could have answered that -I’m trying to figure out how you play into my life.I want to know why being with you was the only thing I ever understood.”

“Sweetheart sorry for all of my lies and mistakes.”

Afraid of losing him…

Afraid to sit in a park and sit there- as if the world will glare at me.The absurd  idea of putting my phone away and not calling him when he was only the one to hold my back at my dark times.listening to birds, smelling flowers,noticing strangers walking through the streets wondering from where the injury came from -As if these observation are boring and unimportant, a waste of time and silly at time.As if somehow starring at my phone and reading about this Strange note and scrolling through pictures of him is more acceptable.